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The state does not care for the poor, unemployed and sick, who to take care of? That’s why, sorry Locke, under my eyes, his state is just the night watchman, guarding the door and keeping the rich! Locke: Mr. Rousseau, I think your idea of ​​sovereignty belongs to the people, but your “popular will” is […]

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You see, that is to satisfy both things: the domination of the popular will and the freedom of individuals in the state. Hobbes: A dreamy dream, young man! History shows that these ideas can never come true! Born To Run Signature Poster. Firstly, in terms of direct democracy, it can be relatively easy to implement […]

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In all political matters, the will of the people is decisive, so the social contract necessarily leads to democracy and the republic. I understand it is the people’s ultimate right of determination and the constant referendum on all political decisions. Better Together Luke Combs Poster. Once the will of the state and the will of […]

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But why did he, one of the spiritual fathers of the great French revolution, name his famous work the Social Contract (1762), a term that belongs to the copyrights of the other two? Beautiful Crazy Signature Poster. J. J. Rousseau: I was born late compared to the elderly so I can speak now! Honestly, besides […]

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The Charter of the United Nations, on June 26, 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on October 10, 1948, was binding for all member states. Later there were many more relevant conventions. Snoopy To My Wife Valentine Mug. Narrator: The charter, the declaration, the convention … are like international rules of the game. […]

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The previous text is worth mentioning, because it clearly defines the inalienable core rights: the right to life, liberty, property rights, freedom of assembly and press, freedom of movement. again, the right to file a complaint, a complaint, the right to be protected by law and the right to stand for election and to vote. […]

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Rousseau heaving: Human rights, decentralization … good, you still have to argue. I am impatient! The host: It’s your turn, Mr. Rousseau! Mr. Locke, please talk about human rights first. Chiefs Baby Yoda Hug Vince Lombardi Trophy. Locke: Yes, human rights and the protection of human rights is a long journey. Initially only in thought, […]

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These are inalienable rights, because they belong to the human person as a human being, rather than waiting for the state to give them. They are present even in a natural state, when man is aware of himself. Baby Yoda Pocket T-shirt. Announcer: Please ask: so, what is the government’s duty? Locke: Ask a little […]

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Announcer: We just heard Mr. Hobbes advocate a strong state with unlimited power to ensure public security. Mr. Locke, author of Two treatises on government, what do you think of Hobbesian conception? Pitbull I Love Mom. John Locke: I did not expect my work to be so powerful, when it became the guiding thought for […]

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