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Kevin Anderson Love this, though I’d REALLY love that level of care and respect to spread through the rest of the state to vote McConnell out of office.. This is why we love college football.. Jake Burnham Kentucky blows but this is awesome. Vanderbilt stands up, once again. They took care of South Carolina during the flood.. Darrell Robinson. Racing if everything is under control poster. Bigger than game moment. So sorry for the loss of their coach. Its hard for the team.. Kenny Denslow. What college football is all about. RIP Coach!!. Nick Spears. Vandy gets it. Condolences to the Schlarman family and Kentucky Football.. That was so cool, and the defense declined the penalty. Real class act.. Fitting tribute by both teams…. awesome. Gregory Andreasen. This is amazing. Tip of the cap to Vandy as well. Class act.. Remember when the then Redskins did this on defense to honor Sean Taylor. The Bills completed a 40 yard play first snap.

Racing if everything is under control poster

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Ben Hudson. Was a great game and win for Kentucky, too.. He even took his name off the jersey.. Dan Mullen would have accepted the penalty.. Kram Reyalp. Mauricio Barrera. Imagine they accepted the penalty. Umm…. left guard. Not tackle….. Thats the left guard position but respect. Good stuff. It’s bigger than the game.. Not only is this an amazing move, but true class was shown by Vandy, too. Thank you from the BBN . Mike Scaglione. Dude !! That is absolutely positively the most heart warming thing ever. And this here ladies and gents, is the exact reason I watch college football. We’re literally a family. I love it !! #RoLLTIDE. Loved the play and love that vandy declined. That is class all around. Real class. Great stuff by both sides! . Trent Allen Percival. Best move I’ve ever seen in sports. Awesome. **Left Guard position. Derek Mason showed how classy of a guy he is to here.

Racing if everything is under control poster

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Gabriel Morgan
Nahhh. This dude is famous to fill a massive hole in the men’s r&b game, not because he’s dropping memorable songs. Hopefully they find a great rock band to bring some energy to the show like rhcp have done in the past.. Ive said it before and I will say it again. Weird Al needs to do the Halftime show. Would be awesome!. Racing if everything is under control poster. He’s got a lot of good music, bet he puts on a good show too.. could be a great one!. The Weeknd has some good stuff. Most of his tracks have an 80s rhythm to them so a lot of boomers or Gen Xers might actually enjoy as opposed to divisive (meaning people like it or hate it, don’t read anything else into that) stuff like either rock, ra… See More. I really wanted to see Kevin and the Zits perform. could be the greatest band ever

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Nice choice! The people deserve to see and hear some quality entertainment while the Steelers are in the locker room, taking a breather and preparing to put the game away! Heaven for fans, Seven for Pittsburgh!
Play GIF. This should be really good, this guy is amazing. Chris Faust. Bill Berk. With acdc’s new album bout to come out and be a banger and save 2020 I would of had them play!. I’m not a huge fan of the weeknd…… James Buracker Racing if everything is under control poster
Lots of people acting like they don’t know who this man is
Pause GIF. Steve Voorhees
Can anyone complaining honestly tell me that they sit and watch the halftime show? Really??. Been to one of his concerts before…I can’t WAIT! I’m so here for this . Rebecca Black should be the opening act…. think about it… thank you. The trilogy album from The Weeknd is reason enough to give him the halftime show but I doubt he will play any of those songs. Not acceptable for a super bowl audience. But I hey I love The Weeknd so I’ll tune in whatever set list he brings.

That damn tiktok video early on in the pandemic is the reason he’s being picked for the SB halftime show. I wish they would’ve picked Fleetwood Mac and they invite the dude who made his video with their music. I can’t even think if they’ve ever been th… See More. Cameron Canady
Nice selection NFL! I like The Weeknd! Could’ve been worse like any country music singer ever.
Well except Dolly!
Play GIF. With all the recent picks this one is actually an upgrade. Not great, but better.. Will that be a virtual concert? Asking for a friend…. WOW… picking someone that a majority of the viewing audience won’t know… who has lyrics and videos which are not family-friendly… once again – the NFL is showing us what it looks like when going “woke” goes wrong… they are trying too hard.. Here comes all the 40 and up crowd crying about how how they don’t know who this is and how it should’ve been Metallica, ACDC, and Nickelback instead of The Weeknd.

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