Otter art vertical poster


Zhàqi Léonard Otter art vertical poster love it . Sneha Nag. Pooja Nihal S. Kiara!! I love her instagram posts…she is such a cutie patootie!. Finally someone spoke about climate change!. Grace Watsulu. Thats the beauty of sensible parenting . Chaitya Shah. Gogulu Momulu. Hope we too follow the same and make the earth the best place to live. Sadly, beta it’ll be too late by the time you’re able to make a change. . Aww she’s so innocent and adorable..really everyone should think like her, maybe we can actually make a real change.. Firstly,Let her grow and we should be the one’s to take that initiative on ourself before her . Earth’s only hope, these angels in the form of kids!. This kid has a better understanding of climate change than some presidents/ PMs.. Humans of Bombay Hello, my father is admitted in hospital from 1 year for Brain Hemorrhage. We are struggling to make the ends meet and continue his treatment, if you can support us and share the campaign with friends and family will be greatful to you Here is the campaign link : MILAAP.ORG Please Help My Father Recover From Brain Hemorrhage

Otter art vertical poster

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I am a die hard fan of his writing.. Simple crisp yet intriguing. Now I live in Jamnagar, one of his childhood places and talk about it to my students.. My sister and I went to meet him in oct 2019, he sat at the same place with same clothes on, smiling at us . We grew up reading your stories, completely enchanted and now I use extracts from your books for my students. You are undoubtedly the best storyteller. The parrot who wouldn’t talk , The Cherry tree, The night train at Deolali remain our favourite. Thank you for giving us a magical childhood.. I fell in love with literature because of authors like Ruskin Bond Khuswant Singh and Enid Blyton. I fondly remember my afternoons in childhood, when I will curl up in bed with one of your books and wander in the world of mountains, scenic beauty and bliss. One of the best moments in my life was when I got my book Autographed by you on the Kolkata Literature Festival. The fanboy in me had a sparkle of happiness across my face that day ! Thank you for providing me an awesome childhood Otter art vertical poster

Otter art vertical poster

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