Deadpool nice butt poster2


Project Deadpool in 2016 is not the first time the freaky mutant has set foot on the big screen. The character has an appearance in the blockbuster X-men Origins: Wolverine as Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). The character participates in the Weapon X experiment with Logan / Wolverine. Towards the end of the film, Wilson is brainwashed by Captain Stryker and implanted in the bodies of mutants who have died to fight Wolverine. After being defeated, Deadpool’s severed head suddenly opens his eyes in the after-credits movie, signaling the character is still alive.

Deadpool nice butt poster2
Deadpool nice butt poster2

Deadpool’s image in the movie 6 years ago was considered a “catastrophe” by the fan community because it was too different from the original comic book. Familiar personality is nowhere to be seen. And his supposedly quick mouth was … stitched shut. Ryan Reynolds himself felt disappointed by his role as mutant.

Revive the image of “a very talkative mercenary”
Until the first Deadpool movie images were announced, X-Men fans were “glad to open the flag in their stomach” as the mutant came out from the comic. At this time, Deadpool is one of the rare characters who owns the original costumes on the screen. Ryan Reynolds once again returned to the role, promising fans that he will stick to the original as much as possible.

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