Marceyaa Medina. Man I always wanted to meet u on here I love u since I was little but u doing a good thing Bc there is to much buillied on here I would do it too but ur wife is pretty I’m on her side too I would do the same thing if people where builled me but the peo… See more. I am so empowered and refreshed after listening to this album. Struggles gone and minds become clearer.. In jesus name. Got the album in my Spotify acc, happy Easter!. I hope you have a good heart to help me achieve my dream pc even if it’s just lowspecs. it’s hard because I’m just from the province, I’m just a construction worker. but my salary is not enough to save . This album’s amazing Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster . You never disappoint Justin .   · Follow. don’t you get tired of giving us wonderful songs? This world is not ready for those works of art baby

Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster

Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster A3

When I see the word Freedom every time I remember Eren from Attack on titan. How many lives he takes because of Freedom.. Your songs really inspires me a lot more, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the lyrics of ur songs really keeps me alive and makes me forget about all my problems, keep going and never relent in ur efforts. This Song and the rest of the songs in the Album is very deep. I am still trying to listen and figuring out the meaning of the lyrics. Loved it!. Oh JB your the king…really love your new album. Musically talent dude so so so dam good….. On youTube is full of your unreleased songs that are very good as well.. Based on my intellectual capacity and my vast knowledge, tactically and tentatively, right from the beginning of times especially in the light of Ecclesiastes, I have come to a concrete, definite and profound conclusion that I have actually nothing to … See more Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster

Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster

Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster A2Jesus with lovely Weimaraner poster A1

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