I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster


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Unfortunately for me and my nerve pain, CBD doesn’t help much, and makes me too tired. It also causes stomach upset, which seems strange–especially for a topical.. Marijuana has helped a friend that has chronic joint paint that led to opiod use in the first place.. It differently helps some people and would probably help with withdrawls but anything can become addictive and addicts are more sensitive to this. Iv been in recovery for while now and no you can not swap one for another, it may work short term but not… See More. I will say this: I’ve done CBD gummies before (I heard what I got was a high dose) and I fell asleep for 4 hours. Although it’s legal and not addictive, people can and/or will abuse it and it should not be taken if operating machinery.. There IS a plant that has been shown to be very effective. Iboga. #decriminalizenature

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A1

Sarcasm alert!* Cause I’ve never met people with other skin colors act bigoted…. “A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”. Fear, fear, and more fear. For all the bravado these domestic terrorists try to project, they are just smallminded, scared, shrunken people. I haven’t read this yet but I appreciate it.. We can have peace, security, prosperity, respect, unity and love . Supremacy doesn’t have a color.. It’s just mine boggling how many people are buying into this stuff.. “…people on the cusp of socioeconomic classes are the most vulnerable to recruitment. Fear of loss, whether it’s of status, a job, a loved one, freedom or privilege, makes individuals living on the edge of society easier to seduce.” Something that Tr… See More. The way to bring us together is to continue to focus on the separating factors? No. The sooner we can erase that which sets us apart the better… yet the public narrative keeps pushing it back years behind where we have already been. Hey you are going… See More

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A2

Accents are my absolute favorite!! They fascinate me.. The only way to get popular and have faux academics pretend you’re “Smart” is to make yourself a victim about something. Scrap all of that. ALL of it. Make it ZERO about identity, and WHOLLY about independent thought that leads to innovation and discov… See More. I consider my accent a plus, for many reasons, one being that people seem to always remember me. Though, in a professional setting, it is pretty annoying when the first thing you are asked, after commenting at a meeting or giving a presentation, “wher… See More. Every country has so many accents of their own. Adding you own foreign accent to that mix should make not a big deal.. Well, I am mocked because I try my best to learn the proper accent of a given language and put a lot of time and effort in to it. Apparently it’s a funny thing for others, giving your best. So, sometimes you just can’t win, no matter what you do.

I know I play guitar like an old man try to keep up poster A3

Take it every night to help me sleep – marvelous product.
Karen.. Everyone saying CBD makes them tired…there’s different types. Indica and sativa: indica is known for being “sleepy” and sativa is not.. Whenever I take edibles I loose the desire to do anything else. Nicotine, pot , coke. It’s so weird but true. Only edibles. Many dont get a pure CBD oil there are many that dont work that are made the wrong way, but a pure CBD oil is incredible for many reasons it doesn’t make you high or cause any dependence, it feeds our endocannabinoid system that have been completely… See More. I heard that drugs are bad so this is offensive to me, I don’t even think hemp should be used as it’s clinically been proven to make people violent. Anything you say against this makes you a stoner / hippie tree-hugger.. No. Opiate addicts want to do opiates.

Why are you all responding to bots? The whole goal is for them to deny racism and throw around statements in response to pretty sensible comments….just to get people angry. That or white people love to live in their blindness and will continue to dis… See More. If talks about how white supremacy comes about and you get really upset and stop following TED over it, this article may be right for you. Something wrong with TED…. I feel narrative these days….. Where’s mine? I dont get special treatment because im white. If I did I wouldn’t have the life I have. Im not complaining. Act right youll get treated right. Carry yourself in a positive way and see the difference. TED used to stand for Technology, Entertainment and, Design!
Why is there such a focus on just White supremacy?. It’s all about believing in the propagation of the White Christian Man…..pff!! I’m JK….sometimes ignorance is congenital it seems.

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