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Someone extremely close to him died early morning…life happens people s little more compassion is in order. The second time he loose in all the year. Yes, it is not good but Federer and Nadal also lost in the first rounds in the past.. Haven’t seen Novak have such a bad day in a very long time! Imo, this loss highlights the consistency of the man over the past decade One unexpected loss and the haters finally have an opportunity to try push him down.. Silvia Japi Cachanilla. I’m seeing a lot of folks saying Nole didn’t care about this match because he was going keep his #1 ranking. If he lost a loved one, that may be enough to affect his game. He did seem to play without enthusiasm.. All players, even champions have their off days. They use this lose as motivation.. Only Great players can feel this heat…win or lose is routine…

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One word: faker. This is why he will always be out of the GOAT discussion. Appalling sportmanship.. Conrad Clint Mendoza Securing Year-Ender no.1 is the only motivation on this tournament. Time to rest and be ready for the ATP Finals. Ideeemmooo! . For people saying he’s only chasing records, everybody may have an off day. Surely Fedal have been upset before and surely this won’t be the last time Novak is. It is what it is, he lost. Whatever the reason is, he just lost. It was bound to happen eve… See More. Mark Falzon This night, Amfilohije Radović died last night. He is mourning the loss of his spiritual father a close friend of novak ,( his second father) thats why.. On the other hand welldone to sonego who played a perfect game. The beginning of fallen, at this match Nadal destroy nole’s mentality . One word? Happiness! . Peter Michael Zettler Sportsmanship a is a foreign word for Mr. D. When he secured the No. 1 spot, he lost interest in the tournament. he should repay the money the tournament payed him for playing.

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That would be the easiest victory in Sonego’s entire ATP career . Krisi Mihova
So sorry for Djokovic’s lost.
Not for this match, this is not so important. Sorry for that he lost person very close too him.
May his friend or whenever he is rest in peace. And all the best too Djokovic . The result is definitely shocking and it’s the biggest upset this season. No one saw it coming, Sonego is decent at best and his best surface is clay, he made I think the SF in Monaco last year but that’s pretty much it. I didn’t watch the match so it’… See More. Just to be clear: today Djokovic lost a very important loved person in his life, this person died earlier today.. How is it a shock? Djokovic all but secured the year-end number one ranking and has had a tumultuous 2020. I could imagine him being a bit low on motivation for the remainder of the year.

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There we go. Djokovic is a shadow, trying to collect trophies, rather than playing an outstanding tennis, like Rafa and Roger do.. Novak he secured the number one ranking. I don’t understand why he didn’t just do a walkover? No offense to the low ranked guy but Novak wasn’t mentally engaged in this match. He looked exhausted and tired.. Really unbelievable. He hasn’t really clicked into gear, since Nadal mauling.. Luis Belgoderi
Another tennis lesson to DjoCovid …. Lorenzo defeated Mr. Bagel in straight sets . Anik Suman
Novak needs to stop being obsessed over Roger, Rafa record and enjoy tennis once again. That’s it.
At present, there is hardly a touch of joy.. His spiritual father passed away this morning from Covid19… Novak is a cheap opportunistic tennis player ! Secured year end and then let go ! Instead of throwing away the match he performed poorly and got out !. Amfilohije Radović died this morning. Novak is mourning the loss of his spiritual father…

Samar Abououf
Lorenzo congratulations
What a Vienna!
All surprises all good surprises. A moment of silence for those who still think Djokovic is the greatest tennis player of all time.. Kitty Mace
Before the match: Novak was so lucky to play a much lower ranked player in qf…After:. Ricky Mamawia Chongthu. Congratulations well done, that match will stay with you always. Well played and well deserved. Novak outplayed by a better player… Abie Riffel
Great win young man!! Pity I was unable to watch the game at the time…will watch the repeat tomorrow. May this be the first of a great career for you!!! . Was a very good match by Sonego. Novak looked a bit out of sorts, but cant take anything away from Sonego. He played fantastic and did not fold even when he was down 0-40 in the 6th game of the second set. Hope he can continue to do well.. When you play someone that is playing like they have nothing to lose, they can be very dangerous. Sonego not only played his heart out, he didn’t seem nervous which is critical when playing djokovic. That said Djokovic didn’t seem comfortable or he was… See More

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