Aw-Mid Atlantic DPS—the vary contains Hudson River, NY to Alligator River, NC. Aw-Southern New England DPS—the vary includes Parker River, MA to Carll’s River, NY; and. Aw-Northern New England DPS—the range consists of St. Croix River, ME to Merrimack River, NH;Aw-Canada DPS the vary includes Garnish River, Newfoundland to Saint John River, New Brunswick; Because the following stock complexes meet both the discreteness and significance prongs, the SRT recognized, and we agree with, the next DPSs for alewife (Determine 3): Accordingly, based on these issues, we agree with the SRT’s findings that the lack of the Aw Canada; Aw-Northern New England; Aw-Southern New England, or; Aw-Mid-Atlantic stock complex or the Bb-Canada/Northern New England, Bb-Mid-Atlantic, or Bb-Southern Atlantic inventory complex would create a major hole in the vary of those species.
The potential lack of any of these stock complexes would create a large gap in the range of those species creating issues with connectivity between populations, reducing the variety of habitats that these species span, and lowering the species’ capacity to overcome large threats or catastrophic events. The SNP markers within the Reid et al. (2018) paper used neutral genetic markers which don’t convey adaptive traits, so the SRT was unable to search out evidence that the discrete stock complexes differ markedly from other populations of the species in its genetic traits. Lastly, the SRT thought of evidence to find out whether any of the discrete inhabitants segments differ markedly from different populations of the species (i.e., the opposite recognized inventory complexes) in its genetic traits.

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