My Condolences to the Bryant family. To Kobe’s sisters……I know how hard it is to lose a brother so young. I lost my brother when he was 36 to diabetes. He lived his life to the fullest….he played every sport, basketball was his favorite. He even had pics of M.Jordan and Kobe on his wall…..his daughter has them on her wall now. You will miss your brother terribly but your fondest memories of him will live on with you forever.. Congratulations Kobe you’re a legend in every single way. So sad heartfelt condolences to your beautiful family.. A real life hero!!! Thank you Kobe for being all you could be and especially for showing Dads how to be a great Girl Dad.. Congrats Kobe Bryant. Always my number one fan Tiger to my son love your dad blanket with whatever you do. Continue to be a role model to the youth. Blessing. Congrats Kobe!!!! You are my favorite since i was able to know about basketball!!!!!

Tiger to my son love your dad blanket

Tiger to my son love your dad blanket L

Congratulations Sir, when will you come to Columbia,Sc to speak to the youth?. Rip to the greatest human being to walk this planet. Kobe was touched by God, he was a humble and decent human being. Kobe, your presence will be missed. Condolences to your family and friends.. OMG…this is such a shock this morning. RIP Kobe Bryant. My condolences to his family!. I seldom watched basketball when he retired. My deepest condolences to your family. I also lost my brother last July due to cancer and for us it was just too soon. Kobe’s passing reminds us to be thankful every time that we are able to go home safe to… See More. You were the Best ! I loved watching you play Badketball! You will be missed . Praying for the Bryant family.. My heart goes out to the family. I am so sorry for the loss of such a fantastic father and husband. It hurts so bad it’s like I loss a brother. Even thought I did not know him. At least together him and his daughter r together with God. He has two Ang… See More Tiger to my son love your dad blanket

Tiger to my son love your dad blanket

Tiger to my son love your dad blanket M

I Love You Kobe! We’re heart broken. You were our gift and taken too soon. RIP Mamba. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers extend to the Bryant, Altobelli, Mauser, Chester, Zobayan and all families who have lost loved ones. May all their souls rest in perfect peace.
Prayer for All The Faithful Departed:… See More. Rest in peace, a huge legend .. always and forever. Prayers to the Bryant family. I am so saddened :*(. Hey Kobe although your time on earth is over your spirit, your strength, your love for the game, for your love for your family lives on. I am just a few years younger than you grew up watching Jordan and malone, Ewing and olajuwon, but then I watched … See More. Gigi and Kobe, you guys are SO LOVED! This world is going to be sad for a while from your loss. But we’ll pick up and remember you for decades to come. Thanks for everything, it was a GREAT GAME!!!

My condolences to Bryant family. Although I’m just a teen Filipino but I think this trial in your family can make you more stronger than before
May God bless you all.. RIP Kobe Bryant. You will be missed. You were one of my favorite NBA basketball player. Praying for your family and friends. Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant!!. Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace to all of the souls lost in such a tragic accident..
K… See More. Dear Kobe,
You’re the one and only who inspired me to play basketball. It’s unacceptable to know you just left the world. You are not here anymore, but your spirit, your words and your beliefs will be with us. Thank you for your contribution.… See More. Prayers go out to Kobe and his little girl, and the family. To the others who lost their life! God bless the Goat! He will be remembered forever!

Hi Kobe, I am the NBA monitor. I want to apologize forcing you to quit NBA. I was immature years ago. Thank you for working together. May God bless!. They Killed Kobe Bryant,and it was not an accident or coincidence it was a setup by intelligence of science of wickedness they have planned. And God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of Moses sees what happened.. Congratulations Kobe on your new journey..you will always be my #1 NBA player..followed you from beginning- end..may God continue blessing you and your family. RIP Kobe. We will miss your integrity.. May you rest in peace! You was more than an inspiration for me! Miss you! . I’ve been a fan of yours since the time you started playing with the Lakers in ’96 and still am a fan of yours . What are we to do now without you? Carry on your legacy. Broken hearted. It was preventable, pilot error. I had a plane. You never take off in the weather the pilot did. The tower was not happy. Very troubling the pilot was a fool.

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