We Miss You Idol… I pray for you and your loving family,thank you for giving our children good morals to live by and being a great mentor for our children .You will be missed dearly throughout the world.God Bless and My prayers to your family.. Sending my special condolences to your beautiful family. RIP Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Thanks for the memories Kobe. his passion for life is unbound RIP bright spirit. RIP Mr. Bryant! Praying for those you left behind. Just in total shock right now. You were one of the greatest! Prayers. Wow! It’s still not real to me that such a wonderful person who did so much for so many will never be seen again. Rest In Peace Kobe! Say hi to my brother please? . Rip koby you gone but your never forgetten. Kobe Bryant, genius. All the best Kobe. Rip mamba always gonna be my favorite nba player , thanks for the good moments , i cant belive you died this way , my condolences to your family Kafka I woke up like this mug

Kafka I woke up like this mug

Kafka I woke up like this mug 11oz

Jesus Christ is the Lord. Kobe, an ICON at such a young age…I will always treasure having watched you grow…and losing you on Sunday makes my heart ache. I feel like I lost a son. RIP Kobe.. I can get with this. I think I know why this is so popular. But I am wondering what everyone else thinks about this.. Great Book!. Jesus Christ is the Lord. Have a great weekend Kobe. I like the cover, no doubt about the content, good job Kobe. undefined. undefined. Rip. Kobe omg. Such a wonderful all-around inspiration . #MambaMentality. so cool. Too much to do for that Kobe?. La mamba black,,,,,,the best ,,,,,. undefined. SHAQ. Kobe for all you have done and the Legend you are we will never forget you or your beautiful Angel GiGi Kafka I woke up like this mug Pause GIF. Remembering a Legend.. #Kobe_Bryant… See More YOUTUBE.COM Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) & Gigi Bryant (2006-2020) Tribute Song & Vanessa bryant’s Thank you Letter

Kafka I woke up like this mug

Kafka I woke up like this mug 15oz

Life for Kobe after the nba is very interesting, inspiring, sensational. Kobe and his contributions in and out of the nba, remarkable. The one the only Kobe Bryant. A legend, you are inspiring and an beautiful role mother and a beautiful gentleman and father .
You have gone too soon , it’s just tragic, sad and heartbreaking but your legacy and your name will live on forever in our hearts and history.. They got them chairs holy moly. Dude they are seriously saying don’t go to staple center cause of Grammy’s..man F that!! FLOOD IT! if I was in Cali. I’d flood that place! In America we celebrate LIFE… F YOUR T.V. SHOW!! reschedule it! You CANT reschedule KOBE Bryant’s LIFE!!. happy birthday always be legend. Kobe Bryant He Is a Rapists And He Is Rich And Famous He Got Away It And If That Was Me I Would Be Sentence To Prison Without A Chance of Parole And I Would Never Get Out of Prison

There was so much more to him than basketball. Im sick thinking about how the next chapter of his life will never be finished. Rest dear soul with your baby girl still under your wing. You are gone but those who were inspired by you carry your spirit here on earth. . Rest in heaven my brother you and your beautiful daughter and the vitcms . A great person the best bball player for me. I hope one day to buy your book and read it. Gone too soon but never forgotten and you always stay in my.heart.. When you bring the kids into the situation it becomes a different game, a winning game, great job because it’s from the heart!!!! God Bless.. Can’t wait to get one!! First book was awesome!! Haven’t had a chance to read legacy and the queen yet although I was able to go to one of your book signings and got myself a signed legacy and the queen book at the book festival at orange coast college… See More

Thank you Kobe . Miss you Mamba. kobe! i love you man! . You left a legacy. we miss you my idol kobe bryant. Remembering a Legend..
#Kobe_Bryant… See More
Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) & Gigi Bryant (2006-2020) Tribute Song & Vanessa bryant’s Thank you Letter
Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) & Gigi Bryant (2006-2020) Tribute Song & Vanessa bryant’s Thank you Letter. The GOAT…. Rest in peace Koby Bryant and your beautiful Gianna. Inspirational. Kobe is dead on Feb 26 it a bad news . Hold it! Shaq said, Dame, how you a battle rapper and in your real job you ain’t win no battles? Face it. Only reason Dame got that huge check, is nobody wants to play for Portland and they used all their money trying to get their city some attention.… See More. Play GIF. Your success is not limited to basketball. When are you comming to Toronto. Kobe Bryant my son asked me who you were on Sunday. I made him watch 30 min of the GOAT on YouTube. He was amazed. He’s 6. Said he thinks youre the best player he’s ever seen lol. You should come back for this one season. For my son, for the fans!!!

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