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The Netherlands is a nation that is a piece of (a constituent nation) Ik ben jeroen ik doe wat ik wil shirt  of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its majority is in Western Europe, however there are additionally a few sections in the Caribbean. In excess of 17 million individuals live there. Toward the north and west of the European piece of the Netherlands is the North Sea, and toward the east is Germany and toward the south is Belgium. The Netherlands is one of the nations that began the European Union. Individuals who live in the Netherlands are classified “Dutch”. The language of the Netherlands is additionally called Dutch. The official capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. Be that as it may, the legislature is situated in The Hague.”The Netherlands” signifies “the marshes”.

Ik ben jeroen ik doe wat ik wil shirt

By and large, 1 meter above ocean level. 33% of the land is beneath ocean level. The Netherlands is likewise – inaccurately – alluded to as Holland. Holland was a rich territory (two areas) in the western piece of the Netherlands, accordingly making individuals be mixed up. A few people who don’t live in the western piece of the Netherlands don’t care for it when individuals call the nation Holland. The name “Holland” begins from the old Dutch words “Holt land” which signifies “wood lands”.At the finish of the Middle Ages the dukes of Burgundy, a nation that is presently part of France, joined seventeen zones. Those territories were known as the Netherlands.

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