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Link to buy: You are not just a Labrador horizontal poster

Looks fabulous!! I’d love to get your products in Germany…. Wow you look even 20 years younger here !! Fantastic inside and out ! I would love to meet you one day and talk music. I’ve been a DJ since the 70s in the clubs. I’m still active. Your life timeline is amazing and all the hard work accomplished. I’m in… See more. Just finish watching your movie, ”The boy Next door” you look beautiful and sexy in this movie. Jennifer you look younger without make-up. Can’t wait to try your products.. Sold out where I live so I have to wait. Jennifer Lopez thank you for making your products not only accessible price wise, but creating a product that gives us, your fans, the opportunity to feel inclusive in your career and beauty regiment. Since I started using #jlobeauty my skin has exuded… See more. good morning Jlo I’d like to see them in Italy. Can you help me and give me a contract to be able to work? Thank you You are not just a Labrador horizontal poster

You are not just a Labrador horizontal poster

Mary PerezYou are as beautiful inside out dont let no one tell you your not good enough standing up being strong woman that’s who we are now and forever??This is one amazing woman work harder play harder TY JOFor your music and standing strong for all women.… See more2 . Cindy FolliardOk lady- what has he got that you don’t? You deserve to be in a loving , healthy and monogamous relationship. He has been and will always be a cheater! You are an amazing and accomplished woman…and from this woman to you – love your rocking photos a… See more10 . Manuel SassoJLO has everything she wants in her life – not a single thing she has not accomplished- Her beauty – her carisma- her talent- her stamina and determination! Hope one day she finds the only thing that may be missing…. true love to spend the rest of … See more6  You are not just a Labrador horizontal poster

You are not just a Labrador horizontal poster

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