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Love this lady already. Can’t wait until tomorrow and the new adventures these two will take us on. Congratulations Dr. Jill.. Dr. Jill Biden, we need help. Please help educators, staff, and students access the vaccine. Here in Rochester MN, the consideration of hybrid is being tossed around. Secondary staff and students need this as soon as possible. I am scared of my co-work… See More. this is great news, cannot wait until Joe is in office…Dr. Biden we wish you all the best in the next four years!!! much love, this is so exciting for all Americans!. So proud of you and your family! Happy to call you our First Lady now! I know you will do us proud, Dr. Biden. . You Will Make A Beautiful First Lady.Ive Always Liked President Biden And Wish Joe And You All The Luck In The World. Im So Excited.. Jilll!! we can’t wait for you. Thank you for all your stand for. Please help us get educators vaccinated so our kids and educators can be protected and back in school. Can’t wait to see what will come for the special needs education space. Thank you th… See More When You’re here you’re family 5 piece canvas

When You’re here you’re family 5 piece canvas

This will be my first Inauguration Day as a teacher and I am SO excited to utilize this resource!. JILL BIDEN, You a classy lady also a leadership a woman with vocabulary that we haven’t seen in awhile ,you show a great lack of intelligence an common sense may God bless you and protect you.. Yes you will and a very intelligent First Lady God Bless you.. What a day of celebration! I will definitely be watching! Such a honor to have an Educator as our First Lady! A person that takes great consideration for this audience! Thank you Dr. Biden! . Thank you, Dr. Biden. I hope that you will promote community college and vocational education as a path for our youth.. Amazing!!! I love this. It is awesome to have education being front and center again. Our kids are our future . Love this! We will be tuning in with our 9 y/o and 6 y/o When You’re here you’re family 5 piece canvas

When You’re here you’re family 5 piece canvas

When You're here you're family 5 piece canvas

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