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Once in while during our journey of life, love gives us a fairy tale…. Beautiful wedding dress with a beautiful lady that has awesome “MUSIC”. Sherry Cisneros. Absolutely beautiful but with you I didn’t expect anything less! You are a Queen! Congratulations to your new family!. I am happy that you and Alex .Be wedding in this year.I am happy that you return at make one new movie.You are all one Queen.When will be the date of the wedding.Congratulations. Alicia Lee-Briggs. That dress with you in it looks like a fairytale wedding.. most people only dream about it! I really truly hope that this wedding will last Until you’re old and gray together and you have grandchildren and great. God bless you both and your family. So my little daughter who is 12 years had been on my profile and was giving a comment She is so sensitive.My daughter adore you J lo and she loves your children.She thinks you re the most amazing beautiful person on earth.Sending love to you and your f… See more Vincent Van Groot poster

Vincent Van Groot poster

Beauty of nature… you so beautiful in that dress I wish to have that dress on my wedding day too, I’ve never seen a beauty.i wish you all the best in your marriage and the Lord almighty shower you with many more happiness in your marriage and your te… See more. Vincent Van Groot poster I am home literally crying thinking how you have changed over the years I am so proud of you you’re so different now are you sure this wedding is the right decision I will miss the old jlo please think about what you’re doi… See more Play GIF. Your A BLESSED Musical “ANGEL”! I , Love singing wit ur music,makes me feel “ALIVE”!Thanks,.. Beautiful dress,I wish we could see her lovely face.. Congratulations to you and Alex. Like i said before you look beautiful in white. The wedding dress looks perfect on you. Again congratulations. Beautiful dress ! Can you invite me to the wedding

Vincent Van Groot poster

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