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Michelle WinterSo unfair logged on in time waited in queue for 35 minutes then redirected to Wembley website to find the tickets are all sold out. A complete waste of time 4 . Susan GilesWhen she put tickets on for march me and my daughter both of us went on the advanced both waited 3 to 4 hours in the que, with no luck and again waited 4 times in que,s for all the Wembley shows over 2 hours long and still no luck. But now selling on … See more9 . Debs Louisa BlanchardCome on now this is the second time we have tried to get tickets for last two shows. I am travelling from AUSTRALIA to see you ADELE with family & friends who live in UK. Desperate.com pleaseeeeeeeeee DESPERATE.COMWholesale Tin Signs – Huge QTY Price Breaks on Tin Signs – Free Shipping all Tin SignsWholesale Tin Signs – Huge QTY Price Breaks on Tin Signs – Free Shipping all Tin Signs4  Trump DeSantis 2024 Mug

Trump DeSantis 2024 Mug

Sharon BaconWaited on Wednesday for 2 hours to get tickets then again today for an hour for it to sell out yet I can go on eBay and get them for £1000 what a joke tickets should be limited to two each and yeah they should have to show ID but they don’t grrrr 12 . Kerry SmithWould just like to say am truly gutted wont get the chance to see you with my friends because other sites are buying your tickets and selling them of for hundreds of pounds with a service fee of also hundreds of pounds…… how can this be so when we … See more5 . Maxine BallOh no, Adele performing on the same day as my 50th birthday party, I’ll have no guests coz they’ll all be at Wembley!!5 . Inês CostaIt’s impossible to get these damn tickets! The selling websites don’t even load! So annoying.9 . Anna TangEventim is no good had my two ticket reservations went to paid half way thorough they said ticket is gone . Stupid eventim when ticket is save that meant is your9  Trump DeSantis 2024 Mug

Trump DeSantis 2024 Mug

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