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This took me back to 2008. When I was just a teenager dancing and singing along to your songs while I was home alone. I have always wished for people to value more your old music, and my wish is finally comming true. . You hit every little note and nuance exactly the same- your voice just feels more mature. Good job . Love it!!!!!!!!!! So true to the original and yet even better. Love the extra violin subtly added to the bridge!. blessed be the oil from which they extracted the diesel, which fueled the truck, which took the concrete to build the hospital where Taylor was born. Just watched the lyric video and saw all the pictures and clips from your Fearless tour, and it brought back so many good memories, when I look at it, my biggest regret in life is not going to any of your concerts, I hope that someday, I get to go to o… See more To my daughter in my eyes mom mug

To my daughter in my eyes mom mug

Thanks a lot, Taylor . Im “hiding” the old song on Spotify so it wont get played in any of my playlists or radio stations.. Her voice is more mature and controlled. The song hasn’t had any majors changes but I think others will. Loving Taylor getting to do things her way . Stephanie Viczko. Loving that there’s not any major change, which is the way it should be. Staying true to the original especially a massive hit like Love Story is essential IMO. She’s trying to re-record all her original material so it should all sound exact. Otherw… See more. she came back stronger than a 90’s trend. Micah Culpepper. I’m so proud of you and I love you so much, Taylor!. Angel Hanh Bacat. “We were both young when we first heard you” . Same age, been with you since 15 years old. I’m so happy to share my life with you and for you to share yours with us To my daughter in my eyes mom mug

To my daughter in my eyes mom mug

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