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Meaning that they will MANDATE you wear a mask? Please stay out of politics!!. Too bad you didn’t look for seal on your . What a joke, being sold out to the Chinese. Nobody cares about your F**king opinion gaga! Know your role, just sing!. Will DONATE TO NOTHING that her name is attached to!!!. I really adore you as an artist but as a human being let’s talk about it, i really don’t believe you really care about others you only care for your Pocket!. Lady Gaga should stick to what she does best, (singing and entertaining), and keep her political views to herself. Ditto goes to other singers/entertainers/actors.. All I heard is: “There can be 100 people in the room and 99 don’t believe in you…”. Hey gaga did Biden sniff you at the hunger games? Oops I mean his inauguration. I looked up to you girl. You’re story is that of a fighter! Now your doing ads for this? The comedy shop canvas prints and poster

The comedy shop poster and canvas prints

This is gratitude to all people of all color who contribute to the #Community of its own power to be respect for rulers of all colors of all nations. To be and not to have.. A Return To Primordial Truths And Blossomings Of The True Self. Reconciliation With Soul, Heart, Spirit, Planet, Earth, Water, Air, Nature, Being And Life. The Forest Within, An Endless Spring, An Ever-Expansive Universe. Chromatic Faith. Love. Congrat… See more. Congratulations! I admire you so much especially your heart for not just your fans, but also your beloved parents and young people who are trying to figure out who they are. Keep doing what you are doing, and being who you are! This mom thinks you’re g… See more. Congratulations to my favorite young artist; talented beyond comprehension and a true leader in helping the world become better.. Congratulations! Just saw your Netflix show. I liked you when you first hit the scene. After watching the show on Netflix love you even more! I identify with some of your struggles. I really appreciate you sharing. You are a great mentor for our youth.… See more The comedy shop canvas prints and poster

The comedy shop poster and canvas prints

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