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Steve A Martinez Romero. This video is based off of photograph by Tony Duran, who has done countless photoshoots of Jennifer Lopez. Duran currently has an exhibition of his photography at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in his hometown of Winona, MN, which runs through April 2… See more The best mom are polish mug MMAM.ORG Tony Duran Online Exhibition — Minnesota Marine Art Museum. You are the most amazing beautiful inspirational woman keep going for those stars !!!! You got this . Beautiful video! Always something new with you. So talented and creative. Challenging yourself and others . Marlo Castillo Olaya. My name is Antonio Burton I’m from a little town down in Mississippi call Shaw I really love you and admire you I’ve been having a big crush on you ever since you’ve been in the business you are gorgeous you’re beautiful you’re sexy and you are a amazi… See more. And yes you have one amazing body but for me your an untouchable dream all I can do is admire you

The best mom are polish mug

Love jlo .. but they picked the wrong picture… She’s pretty expensive to book! THANK YOU BLM FUNDS! Here are where all them donations to help the black community went! LMAO! In JLO’s BLOCK not theirs!. Yesterday I gave up my seat on the bus for a blind person. Today, I The best mom are polish mug lost my job as a bus driver…… This world is too cruel for the kind. She is a great singer and lezend actress so amazing dancer so beautiful beloved madam. Jlo you are an awesome Singer And fantastic business woman. Beautiful lady. Love all her music. Truly think ‘ she is one of the prettiest ladies out there. Very caring & loving lady. Can’t wait to see this, will Ashanti be backstage with a secret microphone . Yes a beautiful lady from the Bronx representing thank U girl empowerment god bless u always. When a vehicle has someone continued in the area to see her

The best mom are polish mug

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