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K Dwight Hudson. You are not only an incredible singer, but a great actress as well. You supersede all your goals and dreams with with such great dedication. Applauding you.. . Yeppers! Fly girl on ” In Living Color, all your phenomenal talents 20+ years..! . I’ve had the dvd of all her videos for years, until I gifted it to my sister she’s an even bigger fan than I but I learned all her moves from the videos it was a great work out for me I love her so much, que viva PR, we are both Leo . Ellen Rice. this was the time hit number in movie and album at the same week, everybody loves her..time of latin american artist… Congratulations on 20 years j,Low for having a wonderful life and makeing the right choices! For liveing this long ! Cuz all the other singers are gone !! They call legend ! The world is so happy to still have your beautiful voice ! I love you sense t… See more Sorry i can’t i am moving to Yemen mug

Sorry i can’t i am moving to Yemen mug

Sorry i can't i am moving to Yemen mug 1

She is amazing and stunning. Love love Jennifer lopez.. Seen her live 3x and the last concert I went to with my sister before she passed was JLo. We loved our concerts and it was something that we always shared since we were young . We had an amazing time and I’ll never forget it .. Beautiful just beautiful Documentary loved your music and acts since the early 90s and 2000s todate u made my childhood nd teenagehood and now am an adult listening still.. big up JLo… I love you so much JLO Sorry i can’t i am moving to Yemen mug And I love your music and movies, Congratulations. I love you JLO., I grew up enjoying your music.. But still love the movie maid in Manhattan, you where stunning there,love from SA. Jess Gonzales This was the first CD I received when I went into foster kid when I was 10 yrs old. I found so much comfort in it that’s when my love for Jennifer Lopez began

Sorry i can’t i am moving to Yemen mug

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