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You still look beautiful Jennifer Lopez. You are a beautiful woman and I have your perfume I like it. In fact I just purchased 2 more bottles.. You are pretty miss jennifer Lopez!!”” You look like the angel…..y will strengthen you, yes y will live you….GOD HELP YOU MISS….. Manuel Oliveira. Hmm…. I’m fasting now and I don’t eat sugar, but I can use it as a scrub . Can’t wait for all your actions Social Worker Things I Can Control Poster Love your songs all the way jlo Wanna be with you Jlo. I Miss you so mucn my love I just cannot wait To meet you Evary thing Has Gone beyond me I Have lost control over myserf I Am lost in love. This is the Cream wow Jen no wonder u look so Beautiful. You are my fans of legend since my childhood days… love you… I am desperateley looking for Glow by JLo 100ml to purchase.? The best parfume I have used. Been buying it for so many years and suddenly just cant get it anymore.

Social Worker Things I Can Control Poster

JLO you loving this scrub Mrs lopez your wedding for honey days and great night wear long white top that night of wonderfully to me I like your hard dance like festival exposure we love you. And I bet the scrub is really loving you too. Me too! It makes me look and feel 30 years younger and I can hit a baseball 450 feet to dead center! It’s incredible! . Love you jlo you make me proud to be a woman n to be Puerto Rican you are my queen. Hi jennie my name is Madelin. Hi Jennifer Lopez. It this really you ? Because I added you friend and it was not you so I blocked. Jen just curious why we can’t find your Jennifer Lopez Glowing perfume anymore?. Everyone loves their own product, its natural.. The great Roy Jones accepted Russian citizenship, don’t you want to? We have cool taxes Social Worker Things I Can Control Poster

Social Worker Things I Can Control Poster

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