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Sooo… how do you empower women by throwing clothing, shoes and jewelry down into young and old women on a daily basis???? Stop it!! . I believe that your rights are being taken away and your walking around with blinders Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug I love you Jen but you know it’s wrong . Your input and that of your High profile celeb’s can do so much to improve the lives of many young women throughout the world , but many influential, are quite comfortable just sitting on their hands and waiting on the Politicians to take the lead… See more. Ms jennifer thank you so much for sharing this post loved it. With Biden we going to lose everything even the sports games and the woman can kill kids too. All good until males start competing in women’s sports . We been working so hard an this is great, but whom in the world is with equality act, when mans can compete with women that will destroy women’s sport an many scholarships for women’s soo not right please fight for that @jl

Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug

“Our Love” is here to Stay”. Wow that beautiful. It is time to change and most of all, life is too short to give up on hope so let us all stand together and keep changing the world.. Ben Van Bauwel Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug OK, ladies. A hint I learned in high school, many, many years ago. In their race to become men the “feminists” are becoming all that is a weakness in men but rarely gaining the strong points.. Great heroic women stand up for what’s right! Not what’s “popular”. Inpowefule wommen yes they are smart butt needs to accuse it with a man are telgance too together cause that’s what’s need to be done and not to change. Ironic, given the name of the place, that the Isle of Man was the first place to give women the vote. Decades before many places.. Happy women’s day… The remaining days is for men only! Jokes

Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug

Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug 2Rush Limbaugh Thanks for the memories Mug 1

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