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Mattie LangfordThank you for all your incredible work. Every song is like a warm hug letting me know that I’m not alone and it will be ok.6 . Jess KnabelWill it be anywhere else I don’t have Apple TV 2 . Angela DavidsonWish I could see this, don’t have Apple Music. Will have to wait till someone posts it3 . Khin ZawOam Chamroeun Now in MyanmarThe military is rebelling against the government. Our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is now under arrested. … See more34 . Amor#Save #Myanmar #Save #Burma #Reject #the #Military !!!… See more13 . Nicole Rose TumackPlease please please come to Saskatchewan in Canada!!!! Your voice has soooo much soul and I have connected to all of your lyrics. I cant wait to see what you bring to the table later on in life!! You are amazing!!!! Keep being an inspiration. 1 . Aung Minn KhantIm sry for posting this in here guyss!!Everyone who reading this comment please help us. I am from Myanmar and we have a critical issue. Our country’s military has taken down the government and control every communication service around Myanmar. Some o… See more3  Road trip motorcycle window poster

Road trip motorcycle window poster

Иван КрокваBillie Eilish I wish you to always be on the high stages of popularity and fame, I wish you joyful emotions and good luck, great opportunities and a brilliant career, splendor on the stage and true health, strong love and well-being. Billie Eili… See more48 . Иван КрокваBillie Eilish with all my heart I wish you to soar like a happy bird in the clouds of love, to wander through the world of wonders and joy with a good song and music. Let your character be strong, and your soul gentle, let fate be kind to you and life… See more7 . Debra AguilarCan’t wait to watch with my daughter. She introduced us to Billie’s music years ago and at 15 now there isn’t a lot we agree on but we can agree on the greatness of Billie. Thanks for giving us something to share during this time!10  Road trip motorcycle window poster

Road trip motorcycle window poster

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