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Definitely deserve Grammy for this great Gatsby Hollywood movie style. It’s awesome like a mini movie love it. I’ll surely be like Chris Brown. You know better team breezy is there for you but I have no data to check it out YouTube!. Breezy deserves a short film of this music vid Great stuff CB #TeamBreezy. Wow. Congratulations but you should have danced instead of the other girl. Awesome Personalized One book leads to another tumbler !. Watched the premiere itself cause you’re my favorite human piece. Outdone urself as always, loved the video, jst classic . Yah Chris brown is really un challangable, and he makes the un possible possible. Number one fan bang them nigga. I love the song and the video more vibes. This was everything and then some . I wanted to be the first one to comment but unfortunately my granny ain’t that strong. My baby I’m so proud of you on your music set

Personalized One book leads to another tumbler

Slime and B I need more music to be turned on cause I want to roll Personalized One book leads to another tumbler the dice. Breezy you are always my lucky number. My song ayyyyeeeee . My first born is a boy,der was no pain at all but now wth a girl it was hell. Looks dope Chris! Huge fan! Tomarrows my wife and my anniversary 6yrs. So this song better be a Hit. No pressure!. OMG just look at the triller so dope . can’t wait for it. Breezy you are multi talented . . Wow. Thank you very much for your help and you can see what I’m talking about you name it is not the same but I have dated and you can see what you can find a place to live yet but I’ll keep my eye on. You . Please i beg you can you please bring back “you are still my baby by chris brown on youtube/internet” i love that song sooooo much i beg

Personalized One book leads to another tumbler

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