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Shelia Carrasco BernhusYour performance was stunning!!!! You are a vision of beauty . Thank you for being part of such a momentous day.13 . Kathleen MoreyLoved your performance!! Beautiful as ever katy 18 . Ernie RoweYou did a great job last night, every thing was outstanding. You Hit it, at every level. Just an amazing performance congrats!5 . Luke HudsonGod is a woman and she’s katy perry 46 . Michkelly EmmanuelI will comment later, I’m in the hospital my cousin brother swallowed 16 GB memory card and he is singing all songs in it. We are praying it doesn’t reach the video folder.49 . Top fanTimotheus Alipio11 years ago the first time you perform firework, 11 years later youre still doing it again like its 2010. We’ve seen your growth with our own eyes. We love u68 . Marc Gerald SantosQueen142 . Top fanAnnette Turner-BelmontYour minimal styling is modern elegance. Simplicity is still beautiful and appreciated. Your performance and choice of song was appropriate and also appreciated!media1.tenor.co6  Personalized custom name Dog Girl best friend canvas

Personalized custom name Dog Girl best friend canvas

Top fanFrances CooleyLoved that you were the closing act to the evening inaugural show ! Awesome!!73 . Antonio CovaQUEENS 34 . Alejandro DuránI believe in Katy Perry religion40 . Stephanie Koon CameronI lived this performance like crazy! The fireworks were phenomenal!6 . Salva Guzmán GallegoLooks funnier in Twitter 37 . Sherrie BurnettI think she looks nicer with dark hair …40 . فیصل آمانTo anybody who’s reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and… See more15 . Brandy HernandezYou did an amazing job. When you singed firework it reminded me of my Mom. She passed away due to health reasons. 18 . Alesha LongLove Katy Perry! What an absolutely excellent performance.6 . Tami BryantYour performance gave me chills and brought me to happy tears. I’m so thankful that you and other artists brought such powerful, positive performances to the inaugeration. Your powerful voices are the most loudly heard…thank you for supporting peace … See more36  Personalized custom name Dog Girl best friend canvas

Personalized custom name Dog Girl best friend canvas

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