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Repost : He’s always my Favorite Artist I said what I said Periodt . As african people …….is that we really love you and we love you also.chris brown. u make remember the memories when I was with my friends . Brown perfecT loVe. I dropped out of school so that I can get enough time to listen to your songs. Chris Brown i just want to meet you or to have a sign coming from you,i’m real fan,from senegal. I’m praying and reading with ur musics, Love you guy! You the champion. The only and best dancer in the world✓Mr Brown! DRC Congo. This is amazing you should get a wax figures and a cartoon bro and also a hollywood star one day. Who’s the artist? I don’t see credit.. Hai Chris u are the best to me even your songs especial that song Forever. Always ready to work hard Personalized Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Tumbler

Personalized Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Tumbler

Just downloaded the entire movie and song Chris Brown is so talented, keep giving us great music . Chris Brown I love this song I play it all the time on repeat. I loved it!!! Michael Jackson would love this!!!. Excited to listen to Chris brown new song. Now y’all know y’all shoulda booked Aliya Janell for this . City Girls was just beautiful. Great Director, Great Producers , the movie was Genius!. Chris is an amazing entertainer and has changed the world through his music and even change is behavior for his amazing daughter so proud of him and the man he’s continues to become !!!. The song is not New it was on the slime and B ulbum how can you not know that I’m disappointed on some of you , to should just go and listen to all the songs on the ulbum so when other songs are released you won’t embarrase yourself and say it’s new … See more Personalized Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Tumbler

Personalized Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Tumbler

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