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Stunningly Beautiful!!!!! My brother used to ask everyone to please be quiet at Chemo so they could all hear you on the radio. You helped him so much!!!! Thank You!!!!!. Common it really looks like a popes frog. But Katy always had a sense for theatrical costumes. Very curious what she has planned music wise.. Loved your performance!! Beautiful as ever katy. You did an amazing job. When you singed firework it reminded me of my Mom. She passed away due to health reasons. . You did a great job last night, every thing was outstanding. You Hit it, at every level. Just an amazing performance congrats!. You were exceptionally great today! What a great song to welcome President Biden with those fireworks!. Roberta Kerosevic. My favorite singer of all Time . Wow! That “Fireworks” performance was sung as beautifully as the day it was recorded! Katy still has it! Kamala Harris The first but not the last poster

Kamala Harris The first but not the last poster

Top fanAndreas HochgrebeWould Katy Perry watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.1 . Top fanTeresa ParkerOf course she got a child o call she s a good mom and dad too 3 . Gretchen BartolThank you.Every step as long as it is in forward motion, is a step worth taking3 . Bongani MwaseNot The end of the world was best Katy you’re the queen2 . All about stephanie RehrigYay you are now a mother congrats to Katy Perry 2 . Katie Kananwow mom! can’t wait 4 . Eric Michael Hopper Hi mom! Lol112 . Top fanFego SaltiñoKaty I love you, you are the best mom in the worldLet Daisy see your daughter1 . Brett OosterhausOf course I’ll be there! 2 . Perry HubatchThat’s what I said when your President eliminated 80k pipeline jobs day 1!8 . Justin JonahSome will come just to look at you5 . Benjamen SheppardI’ll come back & watch it.2 . Rose TorokSPIRIT COOKING MEMBER 5 . Sharron MainorKatie is going to judge!?3  Kamala Harris The first but not the last poster

Kamala Harris The first but not the last poster

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