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Inpowefule wommen yes they are smart butt needs to accuse it with a man are telgance too together cause that’s what’s need to be done and not to change. Ironic, given the name of the place, that the Isle of Man was the first place to give women the vote.. Happy women’s day… The remaining days is for men only! Jokes. We have to do all of the world the same move’s like these girls did ! Jesus Christian And Lion Face Poster What we have to wait ? .. We wait for the end and until we can not learn while we are not people !. Note JLO, in the main these amazing women do not flaunt themselves or their bodies to achieve empowerment!. Jen just curious why we can’t find your Jennifer Lopez Glowing perfume anymore?. Not getting there with DEMOCRATS AND THEIR TRANGENDER PUSH. ONLY 2 BY GOD AND MOTHER NATURE IN ALL LIVING CREATURES , MALE OR FEMALE, ….PERIOD !!!

Jesus Christian And Lion Face Poster

My co-worker told me about a movie that she started watching on Amazon Prime called The Gloria’s. It’s about Gloria Steinem.. It’s like the word empower makes me more mad than power!! Empower started master in which still goes along with vocabulary!!. Well so far I have not once in my lifetime seen women supporting women, I have seen the opposite, women will destroy other women to get to the top. You are on your own, forget about other women supporting and empowering you.. Women, your all a lot of fun, let’s just live together and keep that way! OK?. The ones who are part of this movement want the right to end lives…. I thought we can’t say woman / women ?. So then why are we also allowing transgender men to compete against women? We are setting the movement back .. “Women’s history month” is b*******. Just block if you don’t like. Jesus Christian And Lion Face Poster

Jesus Christian And Lion Face Poster

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