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Absolutely stunning!!! Thank you for your performance to our much needed healing country today! . You were awesome Jlo!! Boricua strong!!! Thanks for breaking the norm and giving us a shout out! Weppaaaa. A very beautiful woman singing great.. So enjoyed your performance thank you beautiful as always. I teared up while you were singing today. You have a voice that calms the storm. . A beautiful Puerto Rican woman.. Gorgeous lady!!!! Thank you for a great performance. You are stunning in everything you do.. You were awesome as always JLo! Beautiful!. Sooo beautiful and amazing voice as always.. You were amazing, I was so proud of you! Your voice was beautiful, your outfit, your spirit, just impactful as well as memorable. Love you girl! . Thank you for singing! You have such a beautiful voice! Dtb!. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. Talent, style, class and boriqua!! Wishing you much continued success. Jesus and lion the perfect combination tumbler

Jesus and lion the perfect combination tumbler

Lydia PortilloCongrats I always admire you I name my daughter Jennifer after you back in bless you and your family to me you’re the greatest artist and and singer thank you for all this 20 years that we hear you and well the love you have for us Latin people I’m Pue… See more14 . Barby EspinosaLove you always Jennifer! Thank you for being you & for being genuine & someone us other Latinas can admire & be proud of.15 . Julie BregenzerYou are one of the most beautiful women on this Earth!! You’re so talented and down to earth too. I love you !! You’re amazing!!5 . Tonia Butler KinseyBeautiful job at the inauguration. You looked and sounded amazing. Thanks for being on the right side of history!!14 . Mercy Varela RodriguezYou are so multi talented…! I admire you for all the hard work and dedication you put into every one of your projects! Always tell my friends…we could have been beat friends! God bless you always! 15  Jesus and lion the perfect combination tumbler

Jesus and lion the perfect combination tumbler

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