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I grew up “hanging out” at that mall. This is very sad. Thank Ray and keep all the family in our pray. Ray Rice, it is not just the people who live in Howard County that frequent the mall. So please don’t single out Howard county like there were no one else in the mall but hc residents. I know for a fact that plenty people were there from baltimore city… See More. So many children there. Whats sad is the emotional and Mental trauma these kids and even adults will have to deal with for a long time..Prayers to them. Prayers to the families thats lost somebody…God bless the security,police ect ect that did a job … See More. Thank you for being the kind of man you are. A true roll model.. Thank you Ray. And thank you for all that you do for HoCo and for our youth! Irish Girl I Am The Feckin Storm Poster

Irish Girl I Am The Feckin Storm Poster

Ray….you are such a mensch ….. And a great representation of what a RAVEN is…thank you for sharing feelings and thoughts during your busy day…. Thanks Ray!! You words and the fact you are so supportive, is why you are the man:). Safe, yes, luckily cancelled plans to go there today. Frightened by these shootings so close to me. Makes me so sad. Wishing we could get rid of guns.. I believe. Mr.Rice you are a class act ! I’m glad you are part of our community as well as on our football team !. Maybe Maryland will reconsider its strict gun laws. Its too easy for criminals when they know that no one else is armed.. You are awesome Ray, to know what is going on and commenting on it. You are a great role model for the children in baltimore. Thank U. I most certainly agree. Glad to have him serve as our County Executive! Irish Girl I Am The Feckin Storm Poster

Irish Girl I Am The Feckin Storm Poster

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