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I just don’t know how they did that ? But she is glowing like an angel ! I know about lighting BUT she always glows ! In April We Wear Blue Autism Awareness Mug Pause GIF. People she’s filming a movie in the Dominican Republic . I love your music and movies.. but you ain’t more rings than Jordan and Brady.. Your beautiful with or without your make up.Please always stay positive and loving as you look to everyone out there.. Shotgun wedding. Hmmmm. I’m saying next dress I see, needs to be the actual wedding. Just saying. Beautiful dress look like a princess Jlo love your Movies and Music I will be honor to be invited your own Wedding with Alex Rodriguez I have want to meet you in person maybe one day happen Congratulation on the Movie. Melany Lucille Martinez. Whst are we looking at? Scene from movie?. Very Beautiful. A match made in heaven.. Comedy movie “Shotgun Wedding” that she’s filming

In April We Wear Blue Autism Awareness Mug

You look amazing Jennifer. Beautiful dress like a princess that you are JLo I want to be invited to your wedding. I love your music!!!!. Guys this is for a movie she’s shooting called shotgun wedding!. Jennifer Lopez,your wedding dress is very beautiful & pretty and I really would like to meet you sometime soon ok. Congrats Jennifer may y’all be blessed in your new journey of life you and Alex look so amazing together along with the beautiful family each one of you have created. Why is someone stepping on her beautiful dress. Simply beautiful you look like a true fairytale princess. Yes it’s beautiful dress and u look so beautiful in it. Jennifer and Alex will have the most magical event ever with there love and love of family children and fans she will look as magical if not more beautiful. Yes, I had mine for 57yrs. I still have the Happily Ever After to look forward to! In April We Wear Blue Autism Awareness Mug

In April We Wear Blue Autism Awareness Mug

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