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Thank you for living your beliefs. We need more people to stand up and care. Shame on people who don’t.. I like your music but that’s it you should pay to take care of the illegals and let them live by you your rich and don’t care so don’t act like you do. I always loved the Musical special when you sang with Toni Bennet in your Thanksgiving tv show . The only problem is you compared your costume to the hunger games.for the inauguration. You were dressed like the bad government leading our country! Th… See more. Love you lady gaga i am from colombia. Seb Astian Vargas. Just like your politics, You dress like your in a Disney movie.. Remember when music artist actually made and talked about music, now it’s just politics, move on the election is over my dude. aren’t you regretting singing for Joe The sleepyhead?? Hippie Dragonfly Let it Be Tote Bag

Hippie Dragonfly Let it Be Tote Bag

Hippie Dragonfly Let it Be Tote Bag 1

No talent…needs to make cash selling stickers and creating useless taxes. Thank you, Gaga! You live your beliefs, and try to help others because of that! You rock!. Thank you for all your activism gaga, the blue wave shal clean up our government and restore the honor, dignity, and decency of the USA. Goodbye Gaga, I used to love your music but I have to stop following you. Celebrities mixing with politics is wrong. You both make millions by keeping disadvantaged people disadvantaged.. Great artist i love your music . Another form of regulation and control. I’ll support the businesses that don’t have the “seal”.. Money making venture – just be clean like you should be.. Um didnt you sell your soul to the devil for fame? You make no sense. Genesis Korra Sami Hippie Dragonfly Let it Be Tote Bag Here come the, “Oh I used to love you but now you’re in politics.” Please! You never loved her or her music! How could you be so oblivious to how outspoken Gaga is and always has been?

Hippie Dragonfly Let it Be Tote Bag

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