Top fanJames FernandezSo much happened since then! So many new hits released!6 . Jackie PaceyThis takes me back! The soundtrack to my 20’s 7 . Sergio CabralWhat an Iconic record! Still one of my all time favorites!8 . Frank BiferaThat album was great.She prob will hold record for movie and album number 1 for a long time5 . Amanda CandidoJENNY I LOVE YOU TO FOREVER TO BRAZIL FOLLOW ME8 . Levan WalkerWhere is my gift and baskets and celebrities like have no business starving i am praised as a Quintillions . Valerie Phillips-DeNarvaezYou are “AMAZING” and a true role model. I do not know how you do all the things you do, but you are my role model!1 . Top fanJehona GashiYou are amazing I like every songs and movies you made , you are an inspiring person even when you get older Simply awesome 3 . Maya A RashidRemix album still in my playlist!  . Maria NenaI am and have been a serious metal fan with a little other music of all types but definitely a metal head. So ur what I’ve considered a guilty pleasure. But my hell, one of the greatest guilty pleasures. I think I didn’t wanna fess up cuz everytime I t… See more  Heeler behind every dog mom laundry basket

Heeler behind every dog mom laundry basket

Palesa PalïīI love you so much JLOAnd I love your music and movies, Congratulations on 20 years. She is beautiful and she have a beautiful voice, body, and face . Continue to do the great work2 . Okello WalterI love you JLO., I grew up enjoying your music.13 . Charles SeitshiroBut still love the movie maid in Manhattan, you where stunning there,love from SA4 . Top fanJess GonzalesThis was the first CD I received when I went into foster kid when I was 10 yrs old. I found so much comfort in it that’s when my love for Jennifer Lopez began #proudjloversince2000 4 . Emma VistanAmazing singer and actress love you JLO2 . Gaetano PuglieseWho was doing your hair there, in the interview portion? Color, styling…? Hire them again, it’s good. 5 . Vanessa FordI lived for this album. It never left my CD player!! 7 . BellaJLOI’ve waited and waited for something of the like mama!! Please do a mini documentary for all your albums.. you’ve got all these treasures we’re dying to see! Xx much love Let’s go for 40 more years!!14  Heeler behind every dog mom laundry basket

Heeler behind every dog mom laundry basket

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