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Happy Birthday Billie! I love you so much! Giraffe Today Is A Good Day Poster I can’t belive you are 19. It is my beautiful beths 16 th birthday today xx so sad everything we planned was cancelled x can you give her a birthday wish please xxx. You’re just 19, but Billie you’ve accomplished way more than average 19 year olds would. Happy Birthday Billie! I think I’m the #biggest African fan.. Billie Eilish happy birthday i wish you health,happiness,joy and success.i love you very much. Happy birthday my queen perfect I love you Billie Eilish . Happy Birthday. you are the best. Congrats ! Our Queen, we’ll wait for you from here.. Happy birthay Billie, i love you!. Good luck Billy. You definitely came around at the worst time for artists like yourself. I don’t see live concerts coming back anytime soon. Frankly that was and still the only way I would want to see a artist perform

Giraffe Today Is A Good Day Poster

Rachel HolleworthLove her as a person. Shes awesome. But not keen on her music6 . Juliana GerhardtBillie Eilish, your an inspiration to everyone and your music is amazing! Also happy early birthday by the way! 2 . Soumyadeep JanaCan someone tell me the name of the music was playing in the middle of the video… I searched it several time.. But couldn’t get it3 . Lisa SzarekI’m only a Billie fan because my daughter is. I love that Billie is who she is. Doesn’t strip down naked to get attention like many female artists do, and lets her music speak for itself. 10 . Sammy ThomasYou’re a inspiration to so many teens and young adults. Always be yourself your music is amazing never stop ! We love you Billie  . Fabiola Cano CienfuegosIt will be the best documentary Billie you are very such Keep it up 12 . Jonathan Robert BowerbankIdunno bout the rest of you guys, but i really want her to collab with marilyn manson. They seem so similar really eccentric and such a simliar sense of humour. Plus they’re both fuckin awesome 5  Giraffe Today Is A Good Day Poster

Giraffe Today Is A Good Day Poster

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