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Lady Gaga is the best period!!! Will never forget seeing her live. Such an amazing experience. . Thank you so much for all that you’ve given all that you do, Lady. You are helping change the world for the better with addressing Mental Health, helping our youth, and always including people of all sorts of backgrounds in your productions and your or… See more. Lady Gaga Can you add Scotland to your CHROMATICA Tour please I have never seen you before and i really want to see you live and my mum is a carer for me I have epilepsy and she is scared to drive down to London.. You will, most likely, have many ppl against you for this. But, don’t let the haters, the judgemental, the lovers of injustices, get in your way of doing the right thing. This is why people live n respect u.. Congratulations and so very Well Deserved. I love and value what you stand for, your passion, your music and you being you. We are so honored to have you!!!! Funny Trump White House Note Mug

Funny Trump White House Note Mug

Funny Trump White House Note Mug 1

We are so proud of you and we love you so much. Truly you are a kind soul and an artist,thank you for being so kind and loving and inspiring, ignore the hate. Paws up. Every night I feel the need to play your music while falling asleep you are The best ever . I would have so much more respect for Lady Gaga if she didn’t allow her record company to rip off her fans all the time, £55 for ONE CD in a box with some stickers. No, that’s wrong. Congratulations!. Congrats Lady. You continue to inspire and speak out about things some people are afraid to hear. Just like in your movie A Star is Born, people want to hear what you have to say. Love you Gaga.. i always liked how Lady Gaga doesn’t mind being different. I dropped out of school to focus on your music and master lyrics Funny Trump White House Note Mug

Funny Trump White House Note Mug

Funny Trump White House Note Mug 2

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