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JLO’s glow is GOALS. . Skin looks great. Glowing.. Wow, Jlo you are so gorgeous and I always think . Your skin is flawless and beautiful. . How can she look so flawless without makeup??. So pretty even without makeup!. I brought your products I will be using them. I love jlo, I definitely believe she is 90% natural and no surgeries yet, but Cmon. I know you spend thousands a month on your skincare routine. I would to if I could!! No way is this thx to new products. Still love jlo though Female the original iron man mug Play GIF. Your skin is amazing!! You defy aging, so jelly!! . You are So gorgeous with or without product. Your skin is amazing, I wish my skin looked the same….can’t wait to buy your products I hope it’s not to late for me….. When can have your perfume “Glowing” again. . I don’t think you’re products make you look like that sorry J.L. Play GIF

Female the original iron man mug

Amazing it’s hard to find people now days who actually look good without makeup naturally Female the original iron man mug Also who can keep up with a skin care routine ! . Looking good. I just purchased the trial package from Sephora it has the serum, cream, cleanser and bronzer. I love how the serum makes your skin feel tighter & the cream nice & thick ! My skin feels very moisturized. The bronzer I am still figuring ho… See more. Jenn, you look amazing with no makeup. Have great day. It’s crazy, I know you’re not 20 or anything, but oh my goodness, you look SUPER young, it’s crazy, and not in a bad way at all, it’s just amazing how young you look though. Beautiful skin, you look amazing. I have your products and I love it . You are very beautiful that’s why I would like to challenge you to go out one day with out your makeup and see if people recognize you.

Female the original iron man mug

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