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My 5yr old daughter discovered your music this past summer and you have absolutely made our pandemic times down right magical! She adores every song, every video, every ‘look’. She is going to bounce off the walls this evening when I tell her you’re re… See more. EVERYBODY MOOOOOOVVVEEE!!!!! THE MOST AWARDED COUNTRY ALBUM IS COMING BACK STRONGER THAN A 90s TREND!!. Scott McCormick. Fearless was one of the first songs I sang to my now husband. . SO WHAT’S UP WITH THE CAPITALIZED LETTERS…. APRIL NINTH? IS IT THE RELEASE DATE— AAAAAAAAHHH I LOVE YOU ALWAYS TAYLOR . We can’t Calm Down !!!!!! . Fearless era was such a huge part of my teenage years. Your music got me through the most difficult times. Thank you for all that you do!!!! . The OG swifties know EXACTLY why letters are highlighted. That used to be my favorite part of a new album was reading the lyric book and seeing what words went with what songs. So excited for this. Faith hope love Advice from butterfly tumbler

Faith hope love Advice from butterfly tumbler

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Faith hope love Advice from butterfly tumbler

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