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Eddie Van Halen Red Guitar Backpack

Jana O’FlahertyDoes anyone in these comments realize that this is for a movie called shotgun wedding and she’s on first day of production. This is not her wedding in real life. 26 . Top fanRafael PaulinoYou know what?! I’m going to tell my wife to marry me after 30 years… I’m inviting you. How ‘bout that?7 . Ivonne LegrandStunning dress, made just for you10 . Nestor DiazYou’re the Queen all you do is big and beautiful and so well done, we love you JLo!!!!!9 . Gabriel CamachoJust wish you the best in this marriage and hope you have a wonderful day in your wedding wish you the best en your marriage with so many years of happiness and joys may god bless you with so many years in life love the movie selina14 . Vera KearnsI can’t see the front but the back of the dress is a dream! Beautiful dress, classic.4  Eddie Van Halen Red Guitar Backpack

Eddie Van Halen Red Guitar Backpack

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