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I swear when Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeon asked her what she wanted she said “make me look like JLo” . Yep look at the scars just above her hips & around her waist. She had a body lift. I knew it. Nothing wrong about it. I had one too.. It won’t let me rotate round the back . Last week I asked my neigbour for pressing iron and she said I should use it in her room.Today,the same person came to ask me for a broom I told her to also use it my room.PAY BACK TIME.. One of the few natural figures to admire. Beautiful. Perfection, that’s the right word to describe you . She is amazing …she works hard at looking this way. If you work hard to look that way you want to show it off. Plus she’s 50 she’s earned the right to flaunt it.. She looks amazing. That’s great discipline and work. Dog lover dachshund american flag

Dog lover dachshund american flag

Dog lover dachshund american flag

I love her. I think she’s gorgeous! But, is this necessary?. This is an old pic of her, NOT A RECENT ONE. She takes care of her body n is very discipline but try posting up a recent one next time, JLo. Have some dignity love . Daniel Bonnano Torbitt. I am a woman and come from Puerto Rico I don’t behave like that.. Jennifer don’t you feel ashamed of showing so much when you have a big daughter. Shame on you.. Great pic mama, I notice the band-aid on the knee, is it covering carpet burns ? . JLo is age Yummy. I adore her she’s worked hard for that body and all she has.. She is gorgeous and I agree with Carmen!!! Dog lover dachshund american flag Mari and some others .. Dress up mami. Salma Hayek is 54 and she dusts you in age and beauty!!!. Yoooo the comment i read about people hating on her because she supposedly shouldn’t post such revealing pictures because she has a daughter or she is trying to get the wrong attention

Dog lover dachshund american flag

Dog lover dachshund american flag 2

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