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Excellent to watch, we are strong, working for the NHS with a 85% being women, through this pandemic I have found a real team spirit amongst my female colleagues!! Well done ladies!. Suzanne Chris Dad Guitar Chords You Wouldn’t Understand Doormat BEAUTIFULL! Play GIF Tenor. But yet you support a President that is trying to pass the Equality Act that will destroy womens sports . Thanks Jen for sharing this with us. More power to us as I would say in my younger years. There is a strong nation of women out there that are exceptional, inspiring, intelligent, educated, with a willing to fight for ourselves and not be threaten… See more. There’s no such thing as man and woman it’s empowered person. You should know that. If you don’t believe me just ask mr. potato head.. It started in the Harper days, they started by making a holiday every month. Then you get days and months dedicated to things. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. The Harper days were kind of a different world. Just notice these days have no traditions o… See more

Dad Guitar Chords You Wouldn’t Understand Doormat

Sooo… how do you empower women by throwing clothing, shoes and jewelry down into young and old women on a daily basis???? Stop it!! Dad Guitar Chords You Wouldn’t Understand Doormat Lead by example to every person with a powerful platform. Expensive items are not the way.. I believe that your rights are being taken away and your walking around with blinders I love you Jen but you know it’s wrong . Your input and that of your High profile celeb’s can do so much to improve the lives of many young women throughout the world , but many influential, are quite comfortable just sitting on their hands and waiting on the Politicians to take the lead… See more. And we will not be stopped by mail academia we will raise above and stop all this madness and sexism as women we will stand and we will stand together as strong confident women cuz girls run the world there wouldn’t be people here if it wasn’t for wome… See more

Dad Guitar Chords You Wouldn’t Understand Doormat

Dad Guitar Chords You Wouldn't Understand Doormat

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