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T.S : producing new ver of fearless Chest Definitely Not A Trap Door Doormat Me: not being able to listen folklore & evermore for 10 days now cuz of the military coup in my country, Myanmar Pause GIF. Fearless is when I first came to love Taylor and her music and I can’t wait to listen to this album. I hope all the Fearless merch will be in the UK store too soon?! I love Fearless, I could relate to the songs so much! X. I should be excited about TS album but here I’m fighting for democracy . If you read it all the letters that she has capitalized spells April ninth!!. #Save #Myanmar #Save #Burma #Reject #the #Military !!!. I have become a fan of yours ever since you left those you are struggling against. The latest two albums clearly showed up the best sides of your music and your style. This is the right path. Congratulations for your strength, Taylor!

Chest Definitely Not A Trap Door Doormat

WE’RE NOT CLOWN ANYMORE OMG!!!! . This is The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)! . You always deliver the best songs! Cant wait! . Brb, requesting April 9th off to listen to the album on repeat. . Fearlessly Taylor, as always. Congratulations on this news!! Super proud of you!. THE MOST AWARDED COUNTY ALBUM 2.0 IS COMING. Ờ mấy zìng, gút chóp em . Just pre-ordered with hopes that someday you’d buy my new EP ON iTunes.. Thank you for enlightening my worst days with your music. You inspire me at my darkest times and lowest points especially during this military coup d’etat in my country, Myanmar. I love you so much Taylor. God bless you…. Megan Moore. Not me over here trying to figure out why only certain letters are capitalized and what they spell out- April Ninth. Can’t wait to hear this Taylor tonight love story is amazing tune Chest Definitely Not A Trap Door Doormat

Chest Definitely Not A Trap Door Doormat

Chest Definitely Not A Trap Door Doormat 2

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