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I pray Pence does the right thing tomorrow. And I pray that Trump is the victor and we all see the truths tomorrow. Bring it all to light.. That’s right! We want law and order and fair elections!! Wait to see tomorrow what Pence can do!!. They have got to be stopped! Put M. Pence in charge and call Martial Law!. And for every Patriot in DC, there are many more , who couldnt be there, supporting you from afar, because we love our country and wont let it he stolen. We are watching, praying, remembering.. They are now being stopped by checkpoints from entering the area! WTF. DC mayor just called up national guard.. Everyone be safe!!. Texas John Cornyn needs to step up and fight for Texas!!!!!. They better understand we have had enough. We will fight for our country and President Trump will still be our president. Cats Saxophone Guitar Piano Drum 5 piece canvas

Cats Saxophone Guitar Piano Drum 5 piece canvas

Mr. President, that number of American Patriots will reach into the millions by tomorrow. There are already thousands there.. We need to create create new party. Let’s call it the: Patriot Party! The Republicans in office have not done their jobs in fact they have done the opposite.. We are with you MR. President. 4 more years! This is about a free and fair election. You won! Stop this steal!!!. I’d be there if I wasn’t 8 months pregnant. People please go for me!! Stand up for fair and honest elections.!. They will be arrested they are bringing out the military against them. That’s your Democratic controlled city. And there is millions more that couldn’t make it to dc that are praying.. You’re right – it would truly be un-American if the landslide election you lost by 7 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes were overturned unconstitutionally.. Donald J. Trump if/when you pull this off sir you need to disassociate from the Republican party and start a third new party of Patriots! I feel there will be plenty of real patriots from both sides switch over! No better way to real checks and balance… See more Cats Saxophone Guitar Piano Drum 5 piece canvas

Cats Saxophone Guitar Piano Drum 5 piece canvas

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