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Jindra Santos San Diego. Thank you so much happy women’s day to you all . In the year 2021 I am limitless to the Sweet lasting end of life. Sky’s the limit. Oh yeah competing a physical sport against a man that is on the same competition level as you.. Woman aren’t you upset they took woman sports away and made it co-ed. C’mon do you really believe All the boys will be transgender? Not likely. Coaches will pick boys for their teams to win.. I know you probably have not the chance to read my post here in your time line It will be amazing if one day you can train with me in boxing for fitness. Just for fun. Its a workout that i know you really love it…. Only for mostra women. Love the song and video. It made me realize. “I’m Unlimitless”.. These are just a bunch of uber wealthy celebs. Its easy for them to be parading around how great it is to be a woman. How about trying to change shoes with someone that lives below the poverty line and then see just how great it is to be ??? The… See more Baird Modern Clan Tartan Face Mask

Baird Modern Clan Tartan Face Mask

Yes you are if a man enters your traditional domain and simple says he is a woman.. Too bad they didn’t use women I respect. (No I didn’t watch it all). Doctors, teachers, firefighters…. Johann Restrepo Cruz. Didn’t a man win woman of the year a couple years ago???. I DO have limits. I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina, but that is impossible.. How about regular everyday women, who aren’t rich & famous???. My dear sis Baird Modern Clan Tartan Face Mask Please Save Myanmar.. To of those that think the same ,. And there lies the problem world there is always Limits…For if one was limitless they would live forever….For only one is LIMITLESS IS GOD. Everyone has limits that is just reality. If you believe you are limitless you have psychosis.. Love all women since they are basic as for all men with out women there no men. So they are all 100% real women, not trans, or theybies, or whatever now a days? It’s hard to keep on top of all these different sexes?

Baird Modern Clan Tartan Face Mask

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