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20 anniversary oh how time flies yet you never age ! Greetings from Florida!!!. Happy 20th. Love that song. I remember that time in my life. Thanks for the memories.. Sounds as good today as the day it was released . This song is still rocking all around the world. Love you Jenni.. Happy anniversary I still have your album.. my favorite… You are one of my favorite all around entertainers. I miss Shades of Blue, love your music, and don’t be upset with me, but I really wish you and Marc were back together.. Congratulations. Man I remember when it first came out I know I’m getting old wow just to see how she has came from Living Color to Selena and now here what an amazing journey congrats. Happy anniversary to you i will never forget this album he gives me joy. Loved everything about the song. Inspirational. You know you look exactly the same, right? X Baillie Ancient Clan Tartan Face Mask

Baillie Ancient Clan Tartan Face Mask

You just have to have a positive mental attitude they focus on those things that you love to do and be a part of the World As You Are except what you see and deal with it with isolation and meditation you will not lose a thing would you gain a million. U where awesome at capital too bad u didn’t get much praise as others u made me cry wonderful performance. Truly I wish I can totally get in your life JLo with you not knowing me it will be a blessing honor and surprisingly enjoyment to get in someone’s life I love it. I love all of your music and movies too they are fantastic jennifer Lopez from shawn Overton. Thank you very much I really appreciate it thanks.. I love that -empower inspire and entertain!! What an amazing mission statement. Like I say god has angels on earth and they are given the chance to touch lives and you ms Lopez are one of those angels you have touched lives with your acting and more so with your music Baillie Ancient Clan Tartan Face Mask

Baillie Ancient Clan Tartan Face Mask

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