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We will make everyone on earth American so no one can be illegal. #biden2020. Yes do. And my family in Georgia you have better voted republican for Kelly and David. I’m with you all the way MR President.. Come on Georgia! Don’t let America down!!!!. Law order and Justice are coming for you, you’re going to hate it. I heard their Domion machines went down so they are collecting ballots and will scan them when the machines come back up !!! Get the National Guard out !!!. Georgia, don’t listen to the deceiver, the bad golfer, who has paved his way downstairs with fraud and lies. Go BLUE!. Get out and lose again.. Voted today! Double checked my ballot four times then told the poll worker my vote better not be switched to Warnock or Ossoff. We’ll punish you, Kelly will neva get my vote. Joe Biden will be President of the United States in 15 days. Awesome lion and God Poster and Canvas Kamala Harris will be Vice President of the United States in 15 days.… See more

Awesome lion and God Poster and Canvas

A. Let it go you had 4 years of insane behavior, get medical help. You have to win!! We can’t let China take over!! Please!!!. Never ever concede please fight for us we love you president trump. You should be held responsible for any damages tomorrow. You called them out to do this.. Just leave. The only thing stolen was American pride the second you were elected.. I’m there in patriotic spirit since I could not travel to DC from FL. Grateful for everyone who could get to DC and stand in protest for the truth. God Bl. It is sad that you are influencing so many with the delusion that you won. what do you think this is doing to the country. Biden is not the enemy. He is the elected president and you should respect this.. WE LOVE YOU MR. PRESIDENT! Don’t let them steal this election!. SO wish I could have gone to DC. We shouldn’t have to worry about elections being stolen. Time to expose all of it! Awesome lion and God Poster and Canvas

Awesome lion and God Poster and Canvas

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