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Perfection, that’s the right word to describe you . She is amazing …she works hard at looking this way. If you work hard to look that way you want to show it off. Plus she’s 50 she’s earned the right to flaunt it.. I love her. I think she’s gorgeous! But, is this necessary?. This is an old pic of her, NOT A RECENT ONE. She takes care of her body n is very discipline but try posting up a recent one next time, JLo. As this Age,the businesses is ending already. I Think you should focus on your children. Show some respect to your children madam.. Have some dignity love . I was watching Country top 20 Countdown this morning with Scotty McCreery its main guest and he said that the Beautiful Jennifer Lopez was a down to earth sweetheart when he met her and won American Idol. I thought that was to Cool. Anderson Clan Tartan Face Mask

Anderson Clan Tartan Face Mask

Your Movies and Songs are Phenomenal What You Have Accomplished..Luv Your Energy Level and How AMAZING You Truly Are…will ALWAYS Luv Wedding Planner Maid in Manhattan Enough Monster-In-Law They are My Favourites of YOU! Your Unbelievable and Definite… See more. inspiration,,, so proud of you ,awwwwwwwww girl you made us feel proud of you when we are not even Latinoz lol lol lol .luv. With you since you were a fly girl and now all the way to the White House. You are such an inspiration Jennifer Lopez and may God bless you always. Thank you for making/sharing this little documentary for us. Te quiero mucho XO Anderson Clan Tartan Face Mask MEDIA.TENOR.CO media.tenor.co. Ugh. This is what I needed on my birthday. That time was so memorable and with JLO and The Wedding Planner both being released my birthday week, it carries a lot of memories. . It is so good , we love you in this house mother daughter and the boy like you to . Thank you for making us proud .. it is incredible since we have been there seeing all your progress but having together life Le that prowler full

Anderson Clan Tartan Face Mask

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