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Tina RoylesHave to say I’m a little p’d off – was on the pre release as soon as it opened on Wed, on my phone and laptop to cover both days…two hours to get through and then wouldn’t click on buy and went to sold out on both. Been on this morning straight away … See more5 . Lou JerusevicienePlease bring back the days when we would camp outside ticket Scotland in the freezing cold to buy tickets to see your favourite band or for festivals!!! That is where the buzz would begin, you would chat to the folk beside you in hope the you have a ch… See more4 . Sandra DitchI agree I was on at 10am this morning and couldn’t get tats, but what annoyEd me is I registered on her page for early ticket sales and never received an email, yet ticket touts have got them6 . Karen Dashfield3 hours in queue on Wednesday and then told sold out. Then it’s advertised they are on general release. Site shows sold out but still advertised. Added new dates and I bet it’s the same scenario. Queue, then sold out. But heh if you can afford £800+ fo… See more3  Amanda Gorman There is always light poster

Amanda Gorman There is always light poster

Rachel Kenworthy@Adele your lyrics have shaped my years. I’m aware with this tweet will be swallowed up by the many and I’m not sad about that in I’m glad you’ve touched so many. I just hope I manage to see you by my 30th, I reach it on the 3rd so my aim is the 2nd. T… See more8 . Maf Servante HaddowGot my tickets… and now 2 shows not done. Why were 2 shows added? Why do the Friday gig knowing that tickets for the Saturday had been hard won much earlier… Nov 2016 I got mine… no one at the Friday performance waited that long. Wish you’d stuck… See more3 . Laura MatthewsSelling one seated ticket for 29th June. High up (block 518, row 25, seat 121). Price negotiable £70+. Able to send via tracked deliver or give you to in central London. Get in touch- it’s only the one ticket 2  Amanda Gorman There is always light poster

Amanda Gorman There is always light poster

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