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Mr .Trump, Stay on the Trump Train, build the wall, strengthen the military, bring back jobs, make America strong again, restore traditional values,rein in our sovereign status, destroy ISIS foreign and domestic, bring to heel the criminal elements of … See more. PART TWO OF TWO. After I bought Adele’s 25 album, I went back and watched the video of Send My Love (To Your New Lover) multiple times. Everytime I watched it I saw something new. I saw her wonderfully sculpted fingernails, her tattoos on her hands, th… See more. Adele I will always love you for who you are, 0% nudity, 0% Explicit Content, 100% talent, but the video hurt my eyes.. I’ve always been a fan and then you promote HC. Please understand she is NOT for women. She has helped cover up her husbands rape victims as far back as the 70’s. The rest of her corruption is undeniably dangerous and criminal. She puts your economy at… See more Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Signature Poster

Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Signature Poster

I love your new song. The video is incredible and your voice is also incredible too. Know I have your new song in my head. Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Signature Poster Congratulations on album of the year. I love Adele!!! . I love you Adele!! I wish I could see you live in concert!! I will send my love through buying your songs!! Until then my friend!!. I will always love Adele, but that video is like someone tripping on acid. Couldn’t watch it. However, that is one of my favorite songs from 25. no matter how many times I heard or see the video never bores me, just Adele, big my favorite singer. I love all your music no matter how much time passes …. So excited about coming to your concert in Verona this Saturday! Love your voice and your songs and maybe the only English speaking people at the Arena! All the way from New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere just to see you!

Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Signature Poster

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