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Chris Kaszak. Can someone tell me which race will end up the only race left? Seriously all this anti-race will leave only one race! So the power behind all this must have a hidden agenda to put all races against one when they are the race they want the world to hat… See more. Things like this make me so glad I never had children. I’m outraged for parents that this woke culture in our country is poisoning our children with this crap.. Very common with irresponsible minds…once you reach a point that money is immaterial, their mentality goes into ultimate Power mode. Paula Philips. Maybe so, but she wanted to be part of the elite. She wanted to get the invitation to the dance dinner, she wanted the praise for “ getting Trump”. But turns out they got her. You should never burn a bridge, you can’t come back. Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Mug

Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Mug

Says a lot about his character that he’s had to buy his way through everything. Definitely not a natural leader.. They want to dismantle Capitalism and subvert to Marxist Socialism. WS is what they manufacture to manipulate the public and use as a veil to push & convince the citizens into welcoming the collapse of Capitalism and Subversion to Marxist Socialism… Sue O’Neil Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Mug Let’s not teach our kids how to compete in the world, let’s just set them up with endless excuses for why they’re failing.. There is no time in our history where it is more critical for parents to put their kids in private school and skip the nonsense and harmful indoctrination the radical leftists are forcing into public education, I worked in education for over 25 years a… See more. Michelle Smith It cracks me up when it talks about, IN QUOTES, the “right answer”. Can these people not hear themselves??

Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Mug

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