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I finished this drawing last Saturday and decided to post it today because it’s my birthday as well. Thank you for giving us this amazing album! I LOVE every second of it . It’s amazing Thank you! Our photo from Vegas came out perfect.Congrats!. the best colaboration, 2 music legends, third single please mom ♡♡♡♡♡♡. It was a cultural reset. Babylon and Alice as single, please!. Alice and Sine from Above as single pleaseeeee!. And she does everything . Sine from above single, please . Perfect . Let’s GO negah! . I’m so sorry trollers but sour candy and babylon is more way better HAHAHA. WELCOME TO CHROMATICA, LITTLE MONSTERS!! . Welcome to #Chromatica . LET’S GO TO A NEW WORLD . ALICE AND 911 THE BEST . Thank you for this epic dance album mother, Lady Gaga! Love you & I’m so thrilled to have my CD soon! Amanda Gorman Hill We Climb Poster I made this artwork for you mother cuz I was inspired by your kindness & creativity. Paws up!

Amanda Gorman Hill We Climb Poster

Your best work along with Born This Way. Such a proud!. IT’S FANTASTIC! I love 911 so much!!!!!!!. This album so F…ING AMAZING! CHROMATICA makes me wanna dance all day and night, ( But have to be careful, because I am recovering from COVID-19)! Your music meant so much for me every day! Your lyrics suited like a jacket. Thank you Mother Monster fo… See More. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, FINALLY . Billions of thanks to you for this long awaited electropop journey! . When mother monster says dance, you dance!. The best song of the album. thank you ladygaga for saving pop music in the world. love you very much. inspiration!. Dancing by the first song ! I can tell this is a no skips album. If I wore wigs, it would have been snatched by now! Fucking amazing album! . In Mexico it’s missing like 40 minutes until CHROMATICA is officially out!!! I can’t wait! Amanda Gorman Hill We Climb Poster

Amanda Gorman Hill We Climb Poster

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