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Sold out after being 2560th in the queue with a 14 minute wait time. Then people have got tickets who were much further back in the queue. How does that work!! Absolute joke!!. Dear Adele – Brandi Carlile is trying to reach you to have permission to put your version of Hiding My Heart on her album!!!! Love you by the way!!!!!. I have two very upset twin boys who worship Adele and are always performing her songs at school concerts etc. They would have loved to see her but I just could not get tickets . Totally fed up and hours and hours of time wasted only to be pipped at post plus unscrupulous folk all trying to make a quick buck rather than genuine fans wanting the tickets. . People who resell their tickets for more than face value should be ashamed. I am a genuine fan but I wouldn’t pay over the odds because I don’t think it’s fair. I was lucky enough to get tickets in the first presale and I wouldn’t part with them for lo… See more Advice from a Butterfly tumbler

Advice from a Butterfly tumbler

Javier Ruiz CanoThere is a huge crew behind you, building a little city every night just because you sing well, hope you are paying them properly, artists without roadies are nothing, respect their jobs, because you are living your dream thanks to them and they are wo… See more8 . Devon ArmsPerth is in for such a fabulous time! I saw her in April and still buzzing! I have also been lucky enough to get tickets for the final night of her tour. Hurry up July! 6 . Mary TaylorAdele, people of Perth are going to be as blown as I was seeing your performance recently in Toronto! You are a true entertainer; no gimmicks…no high wires, light show or backup dancers! You are the real deal!!!39 . Jason CroneHey Adele, can’t wait to see you tomorrow night, if you’re not doing much tonight come out for dinner at mine in Basso. The wife’s cooking fresh pasta and I have some great wine!1  Advice from a Butterfly tumbler

Advice from a Butterfly tumbler

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